The Grand Canyon - Photos by Toni

I don't know anyone who wouldn't love seeing The Grand Canyon!
Photography does not do justice to the experience of actually being
there, but here's my photographic attempt to show you the view from
The South Rim ....


A foggy canyon view.
Another foggy canyon view.

My afternoon of arrival found The Grand Canyon having a bad weather day, or so I thought!!
It was raining hard, and very foggy.... I thought it would be useless to take the cameras, so
I first left them in the car. I was SO wrong! I very shortly went back and retreived them.......
the foggy view was spectacular!
After the rain - a rainbow.

And, of course, after rain ... comes a rainbow!!
My Man-in-the-Mountain photo.
-    This is probably my favorite photograph of all!
I call it my 'Man in the Mountain' photo, because from
the very first time I looked at it, I can't help but see a
man's face in the lower right hand section. Am I
dreaming, or do you see him too?????

~Tell Me Yes or No~

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon

The South Rim of The Grand Canyon

There are so MANY gorgeous views.... here are just a couple

The Grand Canyon from the South Rim
The Grand Canyon from the South Rim

Hermit's Rest at the end of the trail.
The Cafe area at Hermit's Rest

When you get to the end of the trail around
The South Rim, you'll find Hermit's Rest.
Try resting in one of these comfy chairs!!

Sunset at The Grand Canyon was a really spectacular ending
to a really spectacular day!

Sunset at The Grand Canyon

Photos of The Grand Canyon Toni McLaughlin 1998/99
All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction in part or whole is strictly prohibited.

Want more information on The Grand Canyon? Go to   Grand Canyon National Park

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