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- Wow. Happy Birthday Neil.

To you and your wonderful band, a big thank you. I personally have been a big fan of yours since the late 60's when living in the back of beyond in Queensland, Australia. My mother and I used to sing along. You were there in the late 70's when I met my future wife in Sept ( Sept Morn ). And thank goodness you are still there after all these years and help to ease the pain and stress of modern day living.

We have seen you 2 times on tour, one in Sydney and the last in Perth. Hope you go on for a long, long time and tour Oz again.

Mark and Linda Pacey


- Neil, thank you for so many years of wonderful music.... I've been a fan for 20 years now, even raised my daughter with your music... Its hard to believe, among all the bands she listens to, she can still sing every word to your songs.....

I've been to 19 of your concerts in the New England area, and have enjoyed each and every one...each one is so personal and unique...even if you go every night, there's something different. People used to think I was nuts for going 2 and 3 times in a row...they just didn't understand!!!!

I met someone very special standing in line for one of your concerts and that brings back such wonderful memories each time I hear one of your songs....

Thanks for a lifetime of wonderful music....

And on this eve of your Birthday...may I wish you a joyous Happy Birthday!

Reenyrose for CT.


- I have been a Neil Diamond fan ever since I can remember. My mother and I used to listen to him while she drove me to my kindergarten class. As time went on, I became a huge fan myself. I can honestly say that I have learned every word to every song he has ever written. I am now in my late twenties and many of my friends (including my husband) don't seem to understand my appreciation for his music.

One thing that I have noticed with every Neil Diamond concert that I have attended is that his fans are cross-culturally diverse. There is no particular age or race in attendance, rather these people are there for the sole purpose of listening to great music from the one man who brought them together: Neil Diamond.

I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my gratitude for the wonderful music that only Neil himself could write.

Tiffany Gee


- Neil Diamond - ah yes!   He has been a part of my life since the 60's and has become a part of my daughter's life as well.  The first song that I remember hearing and thinking "whoa, who IS that wonderful singer", is Cracklin' Rosie.  I had heard other songs of his, I'm sure, but that one just sort of grabbed me in it's clutches and ran away with my heart.  He has taken me through glad times and sad times and maybe a bad time or two, but he has always been there for me, to soothe my woulded heart and make me glad and soaring up among the stars once more.  I know that most of the songs he has written reflect his own life (I Am, I Said), but it has always amazed me how the words and the way he sings them have made me feel like he was singing about and to me and my feelings and emotional upheavals.

My daughter and I went to see him at the Forum in Los Angeles about 8 years ago, and it was totally amazing and wonderful. I couldn't get the smile off my face for weeks!

When I'm working on my computer, I put either Tennessee Moon on or one of the Greatest hits compilation CD's and just sit for hours listening and playing in my cyber-world.

God Bless Neil and all the many, many years of happiness and hope he has given to not only me, but all the fans.

Long Beach, CA


- Neil I have loved your music since 1969, & have been lucky enough to go to 2 of your concerts,,,,,,,,

I have almost all of your songs,,,, thank you for giving me so much pleasure all of these years,,,,

On a local radio station I am known as Neil Diamond Fan Ann.

Millions of kisses to you,,,
love you foreverxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXX


- I love you Neil, and I love all your music. Thank You!

Your music goes straight to the heart. There is no other music like yours!

Please keep singing forever.

Why did you skip Philadelphia in your 1998-99 concert tour? I was devastated. Please don't do that again. Come to Philly real soon, can't wait to see you again.




- The music makes me feel good -- and I'd die to meet him.

A Ditsy Mom


- I was 16 years old and a Senior in high school. I had heard Neil Diamond's music before, and I liked it, but was not a major fan until I received a note from my future boyfriend, husband, and ultimately my soulmate! I had received notes from guys before, but all this note had on it were the words to Hello Again. That was all I needed to know that this guy (now my husband) was different from other guys I had talked to. Kevin and I have been together for over half my life (I just turned 33), we have 3 sons, and Neil's music is still SO special to us. When I am stressed (maybe from raising 3 sons :) ) I just put in one of Neil's CDs, and am feeling fine in no time! I hope that one day my husband and I will be able to see Neil in concert, and how blessed we would truly be if we could hear "Hello Again" LIVE!

Thanks, Neil for SO many special memories.

Taunya B


- I play the Diamondhead Mind every night before going off the net. I have been a fan for over 30 years, and have most of his tapes. You are the greatest. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Your Fans: John and Yvonne


- I've been a fan of Neil Diamond since he toured with Dick Clark's Where the Action Is, in the mid sixties. Not very many people remember Neil alone with just his guitar and his music. He appeared here in St. Petersburg, still sporting his "ducktail" hair. My God, he made an impression on me and it is still there, thirty some years later. He will always be the only song writer who could touch me like no other and I am sure there are many who feel the same.

Suzanne Stroop
St. Pete, FL


- We're loyal fans because Neil treats us with respect, gives 100% to us and best of all he "speaks" to each of us in so many different ways through his music. No matter what we feel there is a song to suit our mood.

Sheila L.

aka diamondgirl
(in Australia)


- You have done a great job with this site. I love the music in the background.

I'm impressed to read from people who love the man and his music as much as me. I've been to 4 of his concerts and will go to as many as is possible. He does truly have music that touches the soul.

Dale Monahan



- Just thought I'd like to thank Neil for inspiring me to find my forte and in assisting me to discover my creative nature.




- Neil Diamond's words and music make me fall in love with my husband of 49 years all over again.

Flo Fischer


- Neil Diamond as been part of my life since 1965. As a young teenager, I grew up with wonderful songs like, Solitary Man, Cherry Cherry, Thank the Lord for the Night Time, Kentucky Woman, etc., etc. , etc. The list is so long I could go on forever. I never got tired and still don't of listening to all those wonderful songs. On the radio I couldn't wait to listen in anticipation of a new song. And Neil didn't let us down, writing beautiful songs year in and year out.

And then in 1976 I saw Neil on his first tour in Australia. The venue was the outdoor cricket ground W.A.C.A. in Perth. Neil Diamond was absolutely spellbinding. Perth had never seen such a great concert. We all marvelled at the greatest singer songwriter ever. This was my first experience of Neil live and I can never forget it. After 1976 he never come back to Australia until 1994. He did not come to Perth, so my wife and I went to Sydney to see him perform. Again he was fantastic. In 1997 and 1999 he finally returned to Perth. In 1999 I was fortunate enough to be staying at the same hotel that Neil and his crew was staying and my wife and I met Mr Diamond after his Saturday night concert coming out of his tour bus to go to his hotel. After clearance from his security staff, we had the pleasure of having some albums signed by Neil as well as photographs. My wife was fortunate to receive the rose he had with him as he exited the bus.

I hope we get to see you back in Australia soon.

A fan forever



- You have been my favourite artist\songwriter\singer for many years. I have seen you perform in Sydney 2 times and I am sorry to say that I missed your last one.

I always love to see your performances. I quite often listen to your music.

Krystyna Lee


- Thank you for this opportunity. I feel that I have been a part of the music/aura of this particular singer/songwriter. I guess that means I have The Diamondhead Mind. It seems to me that some (not all) of the music produced in recent years has no lasting endurance; its here and then gone with the next fad or next thing thats "in". I find, and never have found, that to be the case with the music of Neil Diamond. I have missed very few concerts when the tour schedule includes Indiana. Not only that, I also enjoy the efforts of the very musicians that makeup the band. Thank you for your time and attention to this note.

Joseph Bush
Evansville, Indiana



I wanted to let you know just how much you & your music means to me . Your music has gotten me through a lot of pain in my life. Last year, on New Year's Eve I had to have surgery for my Cronh's Disease. I had to have a colostomy in which I had to have a bag for 5 months. I was in the hospital for 1 week. The whole time I was there I listened to your music. I was feeling very depressed over the whole change I was in for. Thank god for my husband & 3 KIDS & my family for being by my side, but it was your music that got me through my depression.

I got to see you perform last December & it was such a thrill for me to be able to be in the center, 13 rows away from the stage. I tried for front row but didn't get lucky. Are you still on tour? If not when will you be again? If I could have just one wish come true it would be to thank you for all the music you make & to ask that you never stop writing.

Thank You for allowing me to let you know my thoughts..

Sincerely, Your Devoted Fan,
Melissa Lozeau....


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