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- I have been a Neil Diamond fan since my early teens in the early 70's. His music has always got to me right in the heart! The first album I heard was Hot August Nights. Talk about touching the soul! "I am...I said" was the most beautiful and emotional song I had ever heard, then and now!!! I have been lucky enough to see him in concert only 2 times. Once in 1996 and again in 1999. My children have grown up hearing his music. And they acutally enjoy it!

The last time he was on tour and came to Boise, I was able to get really good seats, 9th row. I was thrilled! I was the 3rd person in the line. The tickets went on sale in April and his concert was in August. Talk about a long wait! But was well worth it!!! A local radio station was having a scavanger hunt and I decided I would try to win 1st row seats. It would be a dream come true. With the help of my wonderful husband and childern, I ended up finding all 7 items and won the seats!!!!! I was absolutley extactic!!! I called my 2 teenage daughters and they were able to make it to the concert also! They were so impressed! They have been to several concerts of young pop stars and see them only for 45 min. To have an "old" man up there for over 2 hours solid really impressed them! They enjoyed the concert and really shocked the people around them by knowing every word of all his songs! Me personally, I was in tears most of the time. I was only a few feet away from the man whose music has meant more to me in my life than any other singer has. He has touched so many people and I just wanted to add my thanks.

I am so excited to hear he is coming out with another album and possibly going on tour.

Keep on rocking, Neil, I love you and thank you,

Twyla Knerr
Wilder, Idaho


- Hi from the UK

I first saw Neil in concert in 1977 at Woburn Abbey outdoors - it was a magnificent English summer evening made magical with Neil's wonderful stage presence that has lived with me to this day.

It was around the time when Love At The Greek was released and I bought that tape at least three times and wore it out each time. Thank goodness for CD's.

I have seen Neil each time he comes to Britain and the shows are great - How about another outdoor event to re-capture that magic night in '77?

God Bless You Neil and keep the shows rolling.

Yorkshire, England
June 2001


- The very first record I ever bought was "Sweet Caroline" back in '69 when I was only 10 years old. I can still recall the excitement I felt when I fired up my old phonograph and played that song. The following year I remember saving my allowance and eagerly running off to the local department store to purchase the "Cracklin' Rosie" single for 59 cents. That was the first time I recall being moved by a song. In early '72 I flipped through my brother's record collection and happened to come across the Neil Diamond Gold album. I recognized Neil's name from the previous 45's I had in my collection. When I played that album I just went numb! The excitement that Neil generated in these songs overwhelmed me. If the seeds of my "fandom" were sown with the Gold album, they quickly matured with the release of Neil's Moods album. The Moods album made me a bona fide Neil-fan at the age of 13.

Some thirty years later I am still moved by the music of Neil. His songs continue to speak to the heart and soul like very few others can. Neil has even inspired me to craft my own songs in a style similar to his. May he continue to write, record and most of all inspire listeners for many years to come.

Michael Gmyrek
Buffalo, NY


- Became a fan at the age of 14 (1975) when I checked out the Hot August Night album from my small town library in my even smaller upstate NY town of Avoca. Who was this cool looking dude on the cover singing strange songs titled Porcupine Pie, Crunchy Granola Suite, and I Am...I Said? Loved the album. Joined a record club and one of the tapes I chose was Neil's Serenade Album. "Lady Magdelene" is almost a religious experience for me. It was then I became a die hard Neil Fan. Started buying each album as it became released and then began buying all the earlier music. I have it all on album and most on CD.

Like Neil I was Brooklyn born and raised until age 8, then moved upstate NY. At age 30 found myself living in LA and thought of the lyrics in I Am..I Said. Have seen Neil five times..Pine Knob, Cow Palace. The Forum (2x), and the "Pond" in Anaheim..home of the Mighty Ducks. Can't beat a Neil concert. Trying to convert my kids into Neil fans, but they won't budge...hardly have the heart to tell them that the movie "Shrek" ends with a Neil tune "I'm a Believer".

Keep up the good work...would love some more original stuff...sing from the heart!



- To me Neil Diamond is the most down to earth, from the soul singer/entertainer I have had the pleasure in my life to hear.. I only wish he would perform closer to my home so I can enjoy him in person.



- Hi,

I am a loyal fan of Neil Diamond because his music makes me feel good. And a concert is the best thing in life. At his concerts you forget the troubles of the world. I attend every concert on the northeast coast, and I saw him once in San Jose, California.

I am looking forward to his new CD being released in July.

Pat Rossetti


- I began listening to his music when I was in high school in the late 60's. My girlfriends and I all listened to him. I bought every album of his and every 8 track that I could find. I went to his Hot August Night concert on opening night. My friends and I loved it so much that we had to go back. We climbed from the observatory above the Greek Theater down to the trees surrounding the Greek. We were some of the "tree people" until security swept through to get us to leave. It is one of my greatest memories of high school times. You could hear the music way up there in the trees and it was beautiful.

Mary Hueners


- I have been a fan of Neil Diamond's for a long time. Have attended his concerts when he was in Chicago. I love his music - It is hard to say which one I like best because they all touch me in their own special way.

I am so happy to have the internet to be able to keep up with the various web pages for Neil Diamond. The pictures are great. I do have some from a concert I attended.

His concerts are the best and hope I can see him again.



- I had the pleasure of seeing Neil Diamond 2 times.  I've been a big fan of his since I was a child in Akron, Ohio.  To me, he is the greatest singer/songwriter I ever had the pleasure of listening to.  And he's not too bad to look at, either!  The first time I went to his show was December 1993, & then in November 1996.  I hope he returns to Wichita real soon.



- Mr. Diamond,

I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful music you have sent our way. I've been a fan since the late 60's and have seen you in concert a mere thrice.

The first time I saw you in concert, my husband and I traveled to Chicago, leaving our two daughters at friend's. The people around us said they were glad that they weren't sitting near some screaming, young, teens. Boy, were they ever surprised! It was my first concert and I saw you standing behind stage and I grabbed my husband and said, "Oh my God, He's here! He's really here!!!! I can't believe it! He's here!!!!!" My husband, being the reasonable man he is, said, "He'd better be here with the cost of the tickets, hotel, food and gas to get here." Then he laughed and said, "Just kidding, enjoy the concert, Honey. I'm glad I could bring you after all the years of waiting to see him."

Right now I have 5 generations alive in my family and you have fans from every one of them!

I would love to meet you in person, as would so many other people, just to shake your hand and thank you for all the wonderful music you provide.

and the music plays on........

Peter's Creek, Alaska


- My wife Bonnie and I go back to almost the beginning with Neil. I can remember, while we were dating in the 60's, buying the latest Neil LP, turning out the lights, lying on the carpet with a few candles flickering and just getting lost in his fantastic music. Velvet Gloves and Spit, Solitary Man, Do It, WOW, this man could write music...just for us, it seemed.

Our first live experience with Neil was at the Winter Garden. My wife sat in the second row, right behind Carol Channing while I sat in row P, being blown away by his now famous Brother Love encore. We have now seen Neil live at least 25 times including the unforgettable appearance at the Brendon Burne arena where we first saw Jonathan flying across the arena.

But the greatest memory of Neil for us, took place on a rainy foggy night at Forest Hills, when Neil went on almost 2 hours late because of the weather.  NO ONE LEFT!  When he finally took the stage, you could hardly see him, the fog was that thick. As the planes roared over at, it seemed about 50 feet, he put his hands around his eyes and peered out at us and said "Thank you for staying, I promise to try to make it worth your while."  He uttered his now famous statement that if the weather held we would stay all night and if it didn't, well we would stay anyway.. then, with the fog rolling in and the planes thundering overhead, he proceeded to give the concert of a lifetime, the most unbelievable event we have ever witnessed. The eerie, surreal landscape coupled with the sound which seemed to echo off of the fog, all combined with the beauty of his music to make that night one of the most unforgettable experiences of our lives.

We have been married for 31 years now and we still long for new N.D. music (all too rare now) to light a few candles, turn up the stereo and close our eyes to listen with our hearts to the greatest songwriter, singer who has ever been!

F. Biondi


- While driving across the country in the late 60's cruising along in our 1967 GTO, we were listening to the radio. My new "love" was Neil Diamond. My two young sons age 2 and 3 were singing along. They did not understand the strange words they heard. They were singing "koolaid, koolaid, mom" over and over and so happy. I still hear those tiny voices singing along with Neil. Precious Memories of a tender age.

Happy to see a site for the Diamond. I found this site searching for information on my new hometown: Diamondhead.

Rhona Davis


- I have been a fan of Neil Diamond for over 25 years and he still keeps getting better.There is no-one around that can make me feel the way he does. There doesn't seem to be the right words to express the way that I feel about him.

I hope he will tour Australia (and Adelaide) one more time at least before touring days are over at least mammoth ones anyway.

I would like to say Thank you Neil for all that you have achieved over the years and I wish you more and more of the same in the coming years.

Paul Jordan


- Dear Neil;

PLEASE do a project with classic jazz standards, or better yet, write some! My first DVD was your Greatest Hits and 'Teach me tonight' proved exactly what I thought, your voice and passion for expressing true emotion are perfect for that genre. 'Lady-Oh' also proves it. You and a saxophone are a match made in heaven. Make my dream a reality!

Ever Hopeful,


- I've loved Neil's music for such a long time - I can't remember not loving it. I think the most important part of his music is the words. He expresses feelings that are deep in his heart and soul. Those words are words that many people feel in their own soul as well. His music brought me through times of happiness and sadness. No matter what I'm feeling, there's a Neil Diamond song to help me work through it. THANK YOU NEIL!



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