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- I fell for Neil Diamond the very first time I heard his voice and the words to his song "Solitary Man" in 1966. I was a freshman in high school but I can still remember where I was standing, who I was with and what I was doing when I heard his voice. I made the statement at that time "You watch, that man is going to be a superstar." I didn't realize what a prophet I was!

Over the years I've been a devoted Neil fan, buying all his albums and attending every concert I could. Later, my younger sister followed in my footsteps, joining me in my Neil worship.

A lot of years have passed and Neil's life has changed, as has mine; but I still love Neil and always will. His passionate words touch my heart like no one else ever has and he is one sexy, charismatic performer!

Carry on Neil, and your legions of devoted fans will follow you wherever you go.

Love and forever grateful for the gift of Neil,

Donna in Kentucky


- I got to see Neil Diamond in concert for the first time in Philadelphia, 1996. My ( deceased ) husband got tickets for the 3 of us, me, my son and hubby. It had to be the most thrilling night of my life. My son was 16 and absolutely went nuts over this guy. My hubby was not much of a fan of his ....until THAT night. I knew that my husband was impressed when I saw him really getting into the music. I watched him rise time and time again to clap for this man.

You see, it wasn't easy for him to get up and down alot. He was in a lot of pain that night but wanted to take my son and I to that show for my birthday( September). Little did we know that 6 months later he would die of lung and bone cancer. I am so glad that he went to see Neil and so glad that he had such a wonderful time. I think Neil brightened my husband's life for just those few hours. He was only 49.

I know he is touring again and I HOPE he comes to Philly. I would love to go back!!

Thanks Neil,
Diane R.



- It all began with Solitary Man and has continued now with Three Chord Opera. Every song has a special meaning and memory for me. Along with the rest of you, I used to feel alone in my feelings of how deeply Neil's songs/words affect me. I too feel as if he has written his songs for me - for each up and down in my life.

I have seen Neil 11 times in concert and am planning on number 12 this fall. People ask how I can keep going to his shows. If you are not a Neil Diamond fan, it is hard to explain. I would love to someday meet Neil to personally thank him for enriching my life with his music and for always being there with just the right song and words for whatever is going on in everyday life.

You are a special person Neil Diamond and I am honored to have experienced your soul.

Mary Jo


- Hello to everyone, my name is Peter and like all of us in the Neil D. community, we all share a common bond.

For me it was Jonathon Livingston Seagull, for you see I love to fly to feel freedom of being up there.

And Richard Bach. A beloved person, wrote Jonathon Seagull and Neil Diamond wrote the music score for it. It sends chills down my spine when I hear Jonathon Seagull. My fellow community friends you should read Richard's books.

Also my next biggest favorite is America and in concert in 1984 and 1986 and 1990 something in Hartford, CT he brought the stage down.. my community of friends, the fans, would not leave.. he came out and did two encores. Not one but two! and he did them for the fans. The show started at 8pm and we got out of there at 12:45 am.

He came out on stage and did I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight, and boy oh boy.. you know what he said.. we may be here all night !!!!

Let me tell you I do know he loves his fans, and we love him....

Well for the frog who became a prince ..... thanks Neil, from the bottom of my heart.

Peter Deluce
Springfield, MA


- Hello to Neil & all,

I can't imagine how my life would have been without the wonderful songs. I've found old ones on albums, sometimes not the popular ones that have reached out to me at different times in my life. So I tape my own versions to create a "mood", mixing songs from many different albums. Then I listen many times. Every time they bring new feelings to me. I've recently bought all I could find on CDs. Now I have a CD "burner" and make my very special song collection just for me. Eventually all the songs get together, so I have a lot for my listening.

I guess I raised my children on the songs too. A few years back my daughter (in her twenties) flew with me to Houston to see Neil in concert. Yes she liked the songs and remembered my playing them when she was young. It was wonderful and we both had a good time. Waiting for the next show... someday.

Tulsa, OK


- I want to thank you for your beautiful meaningful music.

You are my favorite by far. No one compares to your music and your style. I would love to see you perform and maybe one day when I am not to old the Lord will grant my wish. You lift my spitits, have helped when times were really bad and all my children love your music. Even my 12 grandchildren know that is Grandma's favorite performer. No one can compare.

God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand.

Maura Luke


- The soul is something hard to define. The soul of Neil Diamond music is something easy to explain - the very heart of someone's existence is the ability to do something they love. Neil obviously loves what he is doing. It is easy for me to explain why I love his music so much - he sings about everything I wish I could say. I have seen Neil 10 times in my lifetime. I cannot find another singer-songwriter who touches me the way he always has. "The Story Of My Life" was my wedding song and I still live by those words today.

It is too bad that the music business has become what it is today - no talent but only sex appeal seems to be the "in thing". Yet still through it all, Neil is one of the very few who have survived from my genre (the 70's). He is truly amazing. I wish I could find that inner ingredient that he has. I am still searching.

I cannot wait for "Three Chord Opera"

A Fan

Chris Cox
Howell, MI


- I can think of no other writer's music that touches my heart and soul the way Neil Diamond's does, and his song "Hello my friend, hello" has such a special meaning to me that it brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it. His live performances are a masterpiece.

Thank you for the music Neil,

Norrie Haselhurst, UK


- Neil,

My husband and I have been listing to your songs for thirty plus years. They are really " GREAT," and we never get tired of listening to them. Unfortunately we have only gotten to go to three of your concerts. We hope to go to a lot more. You are even better in person. What more can we say! When "you're good, you're good". We will always listen to your songs, and hope that you continue to have concerts, "especially in Indianapolis, Indiana".

Sincerely Mike & Amy


- I am 32 and have been listening to Neil Diamond for about 25 years and have been to see him in concert 4 times. The concerts were at the Tennis Center in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1992,1996 and 1999.

I just love it when Neil sings FOREVER IN BLUEJEANS, and the whole crowd is standing, clapping and singing. The atmosphere is terrific. And also when Neil sings the reggae version of RED RED WINE, and SONG SUNG BLUE and of course SWEET CAROLINE. These songs and many others that Neil sings when performing live really make that atmosphere awesome and makes my adrenalin run. I can't wait until Neil tours again because I will be there.

Gavin Boyd


- I come from a family of Neil fans from my 86 year old grandma to my 3 year old son. That is 4 generations for those keeping track.

Neil Diamond touches each person in a different way. For me the story is one some would think a sad one. Others may think it a happy one.

I have had tickets to see Neil on 3 occasions and have not yet been able to do so. The first time we got snowed in with no way to make the show over 4 hours away.

The second time we were headed to the show but instead ended up in the hospital, a happy ocassion. At 10:28 pm that night my son was born ( he is now a 3 year old Neil fan, and plays along with my Neil records on his guitar).

The third time I was again in the hospital, a not so happy ocassion. My son was 9 months old and we had a terrible auto accident. This accident nearly took his life, and mine. He had a deep brain concussion and was taken to the Children's Hospital by ambulance. 4 MRI and 3 CT's later he is fine. I received 119 staples to my head, the result of the brain trauma? and memory loss about much of my life. (I am slowly getting it back, so don't feel sorry for me, I don't) I also received a dislocated shoulder, shattered the right side of my pelvis in 4 places, and collapsed the entire right side. Broke 5 ribs, collapsed 2 chambers of my right lung, and punctured the left 2 times collapsing the entire lung. Well the fabulous doctors at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee Wisconsin worked their magic. I was flight-for-lifed to them, and spent the following 8 days in a coma. (At which time my family, whom had flown in from around the USA, played Neil Diamond music for me. That was the only time they got a response from me for the 8 day duration of the coma. When they would put on the music my heart rate would rise and my eyes would flutter.) Another 23 days in the hospital and I got to go home.

Once I got home I had a long road to recovery. I was in a wheel chair, with no promise of ever walking right again. The doctors said I would have to work hard to get better. So I did. I would put on my ear phones with a Neil tape and hit the streets. 3 miles using my legs to pull my wheelchair, and 3 miles with my arms to push the wheel chair. Thank you for the strength Neil. This went on for a bit over 6 months. Now thanks to musical inspiration and a lot of hard work I am out of that chair, and even playing vollyball again.

Don't ever let any one tell you that you can't do something!!!  If you have the right inspiration and the will,  you can!

Theia Lynn


- To Neil Diamond

Hi, how are you? I am Kyle Smith, I am 10.

I know that you think I would like newer rap music and stuff like that, but no -- you are my favorite singer. My favorite songs are Cracklin Rosie, Sweet Caroline, and Shilo. My Grandpa's name is Larry Lemek and you are his favorite singer too. All my friends laugh at me cause I like your music but they do not know what they're missing. I was raised on your music and my kids will be raised on your music too.

P.S. Would you please send me a photograph for me and my Grandpa? Thank you.

***Note from Webmistress: Who knows, maybe he'll get it!!!


- I started listening to Mr.Diamond when I was just 14 yrs old and I was hooked right away. I am now 41 yrs old and think the reason that I have such great values and positive spirit is because of the music of Mr. Diamond.

In my personal life when I need a good uplift I just listen to a vast number of his songs and I am fixed with a positive outlook.

Michelle Gillen
San clemente, Calif.


- Fanático de Neil Diamond Desde 1980. Vi la pelicula "The Jazz Singer", de la cuál tomé el nombre de "Yussel" para mi segunda hija. Hoy ella tiene 17 años y ya escucha a Neil.

Juan José Daniel Gómez
Querétaro, Qro. México
Junio 19, 2001

(Alta Vista Translation)
Fanatic of Neil Diamond From 1980. I saw pelicula "The Jazz Singer", from which I took the name "Yussel" for my second daughter. Today she is 17 years old and she already listens to Neil.


- I am a Neil impersonator from Portland, Maine.  I've been singing his music now for almost 4 years.  I'm currently in the process of getting promotional material out to agencies.  I've been told by people who have heard me and the performers for the Legends in Concert that I sound much more like Neil than they do.  I hope to be performing for everyone to see very soon.

Ed Michaels


- Hello;

I have been a Neil Diamond fan since the beginning of time and own just about every album that has ever been made! I've seen him in concert twice and the second time was the best because we had extremely good seats. Also, when he came out to walk on stage, he was only a few feet away....close enough to touch but, they wouldn't allow it.

I can't wait to see if he'll be coming to our area again!

A fan forever!



- The reason why so many people love your songs Neil, is that it comes from your heart. Your song are meaningful. And brings a little sunshine into peoples lives. That is why we love you. Can I ask when do you plan on visiting Scotland again? I saw you in Glasgow twice and both shows were FANTASTIC. I hope to see you soon.

All the best,

Hugh Wilson


- I have been brought up with Neil's music and it has helped me through some sad times and good times. The music has so much feel to it.

Diane from Australia


- I have been a fan since 1977. I am 29 years old. My mother always listened to you and that's when I started to like your music. I like all kinds of music, but there is just something about your voice, it is probably the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.

I saw you in concert with my best friend in 96. You gave a really good show.

Thank you for your time,



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