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- I discovered Neil's music some 30 years ago, when "Solitary Man" was played on the radio, and at that moment began a musical love affair that has lasted through the greater part of my life. Through good times and bad, health and sickness, this man's music has always been there, always giving what I needed at that time, and touching me more deeply than any other artist in any dimension.

I do not know how Neil does what he does, how he achieves this amazing connection with his fans, but long may it continue. Thank you Neil, for everything you have given me- and all of us- over the years.

From the U.K.



- Thanks Neil for letting me be part of your wonderful world of Music! You have been part of so much of my life. You were there when I was married. You were there when my daughter was born 30 years ago, it's been wonderful. I haven't seen you in concert in about 5 years, but hope it won't be another 5 till you return to Phila., that's where we have to travel 2 1/2 hrs to see you.

Have a good tour, hope to see you soon!

Carol Guevin, Pottsville, Pa.


- Recently (November 98) I saw your concert in Toronto Canada, it was great! I've been a fan ever since I penned a biography of you in Grade 7 for a music project, and after that I fell in love with your music. I hope you come back to Toronto soon so I can come out and see you once again. Thanks for a great show, and I'm hoping for many more shows and albums in the future.

Your friend,
Rob Bookman


- Dear Neil,

I'm a 9 year old boy and I love your music it is cool.




-Dear Neil,

This is my very first fan-letter but my heart is so full I must do it.

I've seen you 1984 on July the 17. in Bad Segeberg (Schleswig-Holstein/Northern-Germany) and now in this year on March the 21 in Munich and on May the 24 and 25 in Sydney, in Germany were no more tickets to buy after Munich and so I was flown to Australia to see you one more!

I hope so you've gotten my placards in Sydney. Australia was my first stay abroad - and only for you! It was a wonderful time there but the events with you were being the greatest!

Your music was being everywhere with me, after my two divorces (like you) when I was very down, before my cancer-operation I was crying "I am ... I said", there were no frog and no prince, only me and your music - and I'm healthy now!

My first record was "solitary man", my parents came 1965 with me, my brother and my grandmother from the DDR, we'd little to eat and not do draw but I'd bought the record and a player on credit. My mother was very annoyed at this!

And now I'm 55 years and have some old records, 42 cd's, t-shirts, tour-books and the teddy-bear, all your videos and dvd's and can hear and see you at any time in my home, next again live in America. On August the 19 and 20 in Portland, and August 22 and 23 in Seattle. I know I'm very crazy but you're the GREATEST!

The only thing what I'm be missing is a backstage-meeting with you and an autograph. Can you fulfil one of these desire? I request very heartfelt about that.

Finally please excuse me for the very poor English, I'll learn it better.

Forever in love



- This is what I would tell Neil if I could meet him...

- Ever since I heard the song "Sweet Caroline" I was hooked on you Mr. Diamond. I've always been a fan of your music. When my friends would go to their room and listen to that heavy metal I would go home and listen to your passionate & meaningful songs. Your songs bring out that sensitive part of me. Sometimes if the mood is right I'll listen to the music and cry. I get so much out your music. I was talking to my girlfriend last night, as a matter of fact, about some of your songs. She mentioned in particular Holly Holy, Play Me, and Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon. They just don't write songs like that any more. They have so much passion, love and true meaning in them. I don't think I could have put it any better myself. I should mention before my girlfriend met me she hardly knew anything about you Mr. Diamond. I should also mention that because of you and your incredible talent for writing those wonderful songs, I have become an impersonator of you. I love to perform and sing your songs. When I do your songs the people just go Crazy! Everybody loves your music. Your music brings happiness, joy, and hope to all that hear it and feel it.

May your days be filled with Happiness & Joy
Your friend & fan
Rick Pierce


- I am a serious Diamondhead. A fan since 1966, I have been to 16 of his concerts and I try to collect anything of his I can. Neil is the consummate entertainer and I thoroughly enjoy his concerts. My girls won't admit it, but they love his concerts too. I have kept every ticket stub and bought shirts galore from his concerts. I am very impatiently waiting for him to come to the DC area. Tickets are going to be hard to get, but I am willing to wait in line. Star Wars is nothing compared to one of Neil's concerts!!

Beverly Long


- I grew up on Neil Diamond Music... and today it doesn't matter what song he sings it's my favorite. And I have to have it. I've seen The Jazz Singer with Neil Diamond more times than I can actually count and still cry at those moments. And laugh. He's a good actor, it would be nice to see him in more concert like movies... Neil Diamond is a great singer. His voice seems to relax me when I'm upset and nervous or go through anxiety attacks. Cheers me up during mood swings.

He's the best... Migo


- I have listened to Neil's music since 1968 when I was in basic training in the Army. Through the years I have seen Neil perform at Madison Square Garden, The Meadowlands, Forrest Hills Tennis Club and at The Wintergarden Theater in New York. I have seen him perform around 15 times altogether. I was most impressed when I saw him at The Wintergarden Theater back in the 70's when Lee Holdridge's orchestra played with the band. Many of Neil's songs touch me in a way that is very personal to me...but I think his song "Stones" has grown to become my favorite.

Keep the music coming and remember 'You're a Brooklyn Boy' so be sure to come back home in 1999!

Ken Miner



-I love you so much!

-Love Anna, Aaltje, Adriana


- I have been one of the lucky fans that Neil has given front row tickets to.  It was absolutely incredible.  I want to know when he will be coming to Raleigh. His concerts are awesome. I can't wait to go to another concert.

Ray A. Franklin



- Hello, my name is Kristine, I just wanted to tell you that my mother thinks you are the cat's meow.  She has every one of your albums.  She just adores you immensely!  Your shows are Fantastic, you really know how to please your crowd!  Just wanted to let you know you are something special to my mother...

Thank you for your time,
God Bless you.


-I have been a devoted, loyal fan of Neil Diamond's ever since I was in the 5th grade.

I always heard his music in my house growing up, but it was in the 5th grade that his music touched my soul. I can listen to him sing; and it's like he brings my inner self to life (if that makes any sense). Many people (during my college years), gave me a hard time for being so outspokenly devoted to his music. But, I must say, all those same people - including my now husband, have become loyal listeners as well. I now hear my husband talking about how much effort Neil puts into his concerts; "It's like no other artist!" he'll say.

I want to thank you to this web site for allowing me to write down my feelings about this man. I've always adored him. And I always will!!

"A Diamond is Treasured Forever!"

Temecula, California


-I am a 29 year old female Neil fan who cannot remember not ever being a fan. His music just fills me with joy and I have only seen him once in concert. I can never get enough of his stage presence. My husband said his concert was the best one he had ever attended, not to mention that he liked Linda Press. I hope he will return to my home state. Until then, keep up the great songs, Neil. We love you!

Angela Helms


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