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- Songs of great meaning to me ... Suzanne ... Juliet ... Crackling Rosie ... Turn On Your Heart Light ... and the best (in my mind, that I like) Hello Again.

Thank you Neil Diamond, for the great music.......

Jim Hall


- I love to hear Neil Diamond.

He is so good, and neat.

Vangie O'NeaL


- Hello

It would be very nice to see Hot Augst Night on DVD.  It would also be nice to see some of his latest tours on DVD.

Dave Latter


- I had the honor of driving Neil and his band while I was a charter bus driver in Pittsburgh in February of 1984.  It was four days that I will never forget.  Everyone treated me SO good... They included me in their dinners and let me sit right up front for the concerts.

The big joke was I was supposed to teach Neil how to drive the bus.  He wrote in my program, "Ed, That bus is too much for a singer to handle" and signed it... TOO COOL!

I'm not driving charter buses anymore, but you can bet I will never miss a Neil Diamond concert when they come to Pittsburgh!  (The service must have been decent; in February of 2002 when they came to town I notice they used a Lenzner bus again!)  And I still remember the "cardinal rule" when greeted by Jerry Murphey and Terry Cullen.... "DON'T BACK UP WHILE NEIL IS ON THE BUS!!!"

PS- I would really love to meet up with the crew somewhere, sometime again.  Ed.


- I think Neil Diamond is the most talented writer and singer in the music industry.  Every one of his songs has a deep intimate meaning and gives anyone with the interest to listen that same feeling. I absolutely love him.

Joan Digilio


- I have been to see Neil Diamond every time he has been in St. Louis since 1977.  I can relate to his lyrics and feel like he is singing just to me.  It infuriates me when shows like "Becker" make fun of his music or his fans.  Is it because they do not relate to music where you can actually understand the words being said?  I have been to concerts of all kinds from country to rock to headbangers (I went with an old boy friend-not a good experience) and Neil is by far the best performer and puts on the best show of anyone - bar none.

fan since the sixties


- Hello Neil Diamond,

I am a huge fan.  I have seen you four times in Houston.  In 1983, 1996, and 1999 at the Compaq Center, and in 2002 at the Astrodome.  I love all of your live CDs -- Gold, Hot August Night, Love At The Greek, Hot August Night 2, and Live in America.  Also the special Reader's Digest, Neil Diamond Live in concert Three CD set.  I also love both of your live concert special on video and DVD; Love at the Greek and Greatest Hits Live.  I also love the movie The Jazz Singer.  When will your Live four CD Box Set be released?

Keep up the good work Neil Diamond!

Chris McClung
Brookshire, Texas


- I am a 52 year old grandmother, and have been a Neil Diamond fan since high school.  His music has seen me through some very low times in my life, as well as happy times.  My two granddaughters, Ashley 8 years and Ravana 4 years, love to listen to Neil Diamond when we drive in the car.  I saw 2 of Neil's concerts on his last tour.  I could not believe that he just keeps getting better every year.  The wide range of ages in the audience were wonderful.  It shows just how his music touches everyone who listens to it.  I certainly hope I get to see Neil Diamond in concert again in the very near future.

Neil, you have been the best part of my life.

Diane H. from PA


- How do you explain someone so special?  Can you put into words what people just don't understand?

Neil has an understanding heart which comforts the lonely, a gentle voice that understands all pain and says that he has been there too, and he speaks to all with the fact that he doesn't judge us and he apreciates that we are there.

We go to his concerts to create an envorment of love and understanding, and we leave with much more.

He is somewhat a heavenly creature with wings of pure love.

Cherish him, yes we do, because he is there when we need him the most.



- Neil's music makes you feel good.  It's not depressing like most of today's music is.  It's happy and feeling!  I can't wait till he's in concert near me soon!

Kim Pro


- Let me just say that there aren't words to discribe what Neil Diamond means to me.  I've been a Neil Diamond fan for more years then I can remember ( 32).  Neil makes me happy, everything about him.  He always brings a smile to my face.  Yes, I can truly say that I am obsessed.  I've watched his movie, The Jazz Singer so many times, that I had to buy several copies of the video, and when the compact disc came out, I immediately bought two copies.  I play only his music in the car, and have created a new (monster) fan through my daughter Chelsea.  She's only 11 and has a great start of a life long dance through the world of Neil Diamond.  Neil Diamond is set in granite in my heart, and shall stay there forever.  The man is true genious, and he'll go on forever. 

Many thanks to Neil for his never-ending talent and perseverance through all his ups and downs that got him to where he is today.  I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to see him in concert and to listen to him (endlessly), if only through his music.  God has blessed us with one of His greatest gifts known to man,  --Neil!   What it must be like to personally know Neil Diamond.  For those of you that do, you have my undying envy.

Nancy Verhalen


- HI!

My name is Helen and I've been a Neil fan since last year!  I'm nine and a half years old.  I've been to two concerts.  And I can't wait to see him again! Love,



- Dear Neil,

This is a personal comment, but I don't mind telling the world!  I find you probably one of the sexiest men alive, and for many reasons.  First of all your voice.  No one can match your way of singing.  So beautiful.  So intense.  So special.  So alive.  So captivating.   Secondly your looks.  You're such a great looking guy, and the fact that you appear to be so aware of it doesn't make you any less interesting.  On the contrary.  Then there's your ability to continue to write both beautiful ballads and great rock music.  Everytime I listen to Baby, Let's Drive, there's nothing I'd rather do.  Or the classic Longfellow Serenade.  Baby, let's ride - baby, let's drive - it all comes down the the same thing.

I recently bought the DVD from your concert in 1988- God, you were wonderful!  There's no place I'd rather be, than in the front seat at one of your concerts.  (Well, maybe one place....hmm...)  My only regrets are, that I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, far far away..... I can only hope and pray, that your next tour will take you here.  And if so, I promise to be in the front seat, and hopefully be able to express my feelings for you a little better.  Until that day, you're great Neil!  Keep up the good work, I can't wait to hear your next CD!

Lots of love,



- I first saw Neil Diamond in Pittsburg in 1977?  So far I've been to seven Diamond concerts over the years (actually had tickets to one last year I had to give them away due to a scheduling conflict!)  My wife and I have been together for six of these concerts.  We met in line to the original Star Wars movie in Manhattan 26 years ago and we finished off a bottle of Grand Marnier one night in NYC listening to his Beautiful Noise album.  We still can't play the thing without the needle getting stuck in the Grand Marnier spilled on the albumn!  Tonight I just happen to be watching The Jazz Singer again on TV.  Wonder where I can get a dvd or video of Jonathan Livingston Seagull?  Anyway, I guess you can tell I'm a big fan!  Love his old stuff best.

Mike McFarland


- I love Neil....plain and simple.  He is, was and always will be the best.  I loved The Jazz Singer & have the video.  I can recite almost all the lines - that's how many times I have seen it. I saw the movie Saving Silverman and love to see Neil act or perform on TV or live, anyway or anytime.  I also have seen him in concert everytime since 1980, unfortunately, except this last time, I was unable.  I have almost all of his concert books and t-shirts too.  You can never have enough Neil!!!!!  He is so handsome....and I love him so!!!!!!!!!!!!

S. Wiesner


- Hello, I'm from Germany, 24 years old, and a Neil fan from since I can remember.

Neil Diamond is the greatest musician of the world!  His voice, his music and the words.

I can't understand everything because my English.. but I don't need to understand the words to understand the message!  I hope that he comes to Germany again and makes one of his wonderful concerts.  Yes, that is one of my dreams!

Jennifer Harms


- I accidently clicked onto this site not realizing it was letters to Neil Diamond!!  So I decided I would write a few lines to say "Thank you" Neil Diamond for your wonderful a songwriter and a singer, that you touch my heart and soul all the way down to my toes....When I am blue and your name or song comes cheers me right up!!.....

I retired (age 63....young) but am still working part time.....If I ever won the LOTTO, would go to ALL your concerts....I would make a very good groupie.....Since I financialy am not able to do that.....I settle for going to your concerts whenever you come to the Seattle-Tacoma area.......I save my money so I am able to go to every night you are here....what a thrill, and I never tire of your music!!  I did manage to go to Reno in December to see first concert ever out of my area!!!

My older sister from Dallas (my home state) and niece from California met me there to go to your concert for the first time, for them... They know how much I love and respect you and your music and thought I was just "a little too much" about it.....But after your concert they were speechless, even tho they both had liked your music.....their comments on seeing you and your Band were awesome....My sister said I should go into Marketing Neil Diamond, I was so good at it!!!

Again I want to say Thank You for being so humble and making the fans feel so special....and for your wonderful music and for being You!! Your Band is awesome too!!

Marti Riordan,
Federal Way, Wa.


- It's all in his voice, his pronounciations, the matching of the words, the tune.  Especially in the song Play Me.  It is just too much.  I have adored him for all of his musical career.

It is such a gift that God has given him.  He is so gifted in so many areas; music composition, writing of the words, all of it.  He is a genius.

At this time I am listening to Three Chord Opera, perhaps and most possibly the most beautiful music I have ever heard.  All of the songs are so very special, especially; At the Movies, I Believe in Happy Endings, Elijah's Song.  Actually all of them.  I can't get enough of his music, his voice.

I have never been to a concert, and I am so sad that I was not aware that he came to San Diego last year.  I don't know how I could have missed him.  But, I will not ever miss him again.  I will be in touch with others on-line, and I want to know when and where.


Estela Lipschultz


- Dear Neil!

I remember when I was about 10 years old, my older sister was 15 and your biggest fan.  We lived in Germany and she taped all your songs, even though my parents were so much against it. 

One day, just to make her mad, I pitched all the tapes.  I was a big trouble-maker back then.  I was also in big, big trouble, when she found out what I did. 

To me back then, not knowing much about the meaning of good music, your songs just sounded like me.  My sister never really forgave me for what I'd done to her tapes, and kept reminding me of it through the years.  They played your songs a lot on the radio, and it reminded me of what I did. 

I could never understand and forgive myself for what I'd done.  26 years later I finally realized what your music meant to my sister, 'cause it means a whole lot to me!  When your Album "The Essential" got released, I ran to the store and got it!  I also have the DVD The Jazz-Singer!!  It's holy and I love it!!  Your music cheers me up, and it feels like I can be so close to you, especially when I watch the movie!  You have a great voice and each song comes from your heart!

My ex mother-in-law is a big fan of yours!  This past Christmas I decided to give her my only "Essential" CD as a present; it almost broke my heart to give this CD away!  Two weeks later she gave it back to me and said, "I know how much this music and Neil Diamond means to you; so...take it back please...I know it came from your heart!"  It was the greatest gift I ever got!

I'm really looking forward to seeing you on stage; and believe me...even though it took me 26 years to realize how great you are, I think deep down inside I was always a big fan of yours...just never knew it!!!!!!!!!

GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!



- I have been a Neil Diamond fan for over 25 yrs.  I am now 43 yrs old.  My older brother introduced me to your music when I was only 17.  I've listened to and bought your music since then.  I love you Neil Diamond.. Whenever I am feeling depressed or sad I put on your music.  Your soothing and beautiful voice makes me feel so good.  Your voice is so beautiful you have really touched my soul with your music.


Unfortunately I only got to see you in concert twice in my lifetime.  It's a wish I hold onto to see you again.



- Hi,

I like so many will try to express how much I love Neil and have for a lot of years. I remember hearing Song Sung Blue when I was around 10 or 11 and fell in love with Neil then and there.  I have been touched by his music and songs throughout the years.  I saw him in concert for the 1st time in 1980 and felt ecstatic for a long was truly wonderful.  Neil, we love you and keep on keepin' on......

Your biggest Fan,



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