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- Neil is the greatest songmaster of our generation.

Keep us titilated with your tunes.

Bonnie Parker, a nurse


- I have been a Neil Diamond fan since I can remember.  Back in the 1960's he played a singer in a coffee house on a soap opera.  That is when I first heard Solitary Man.  I would watch the show just to see him sing for a few minutes.  I have been hooked on Neil Diamond ever since.  There have been many changes in my life and he has always been along.  When times were happy he was a joy to sing along with, and when things were sad his music was a comfort to me.

Thank you Neil for being such a gifted performer and sharing your beautiful voice for so many years with your fans.



- To all the wonderful Neil Diamond fans everywhere!

I've read all of the wonderful letters that you've written Mr. Diamond and I've written the Fond Club on your behalf.  They were totaly amazed by all the love and care that you have for Mr. Diamond and they promised me that as soon as Mr. Diamond's schedule is clear they will have him take a look at all the wonderful letters that you've written him. I think they are all wonderful and very touching.  I've not only laughed but I've also cried.  I think Mr. Diamond would be very moved by your love for him and just how much all of his fans would love to see him again because I know myself that I'd give anything to see him again. 

I've been a fan since I was 10 and I'm 39 years old now, so that's a long time.  I have almost all his CDs and tapes, and I have almost all his albums.  I also have his book and three or four scrapbooks on him, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU NEIL for all the wonderful music you not only gave me, but to all the wonderful fans from around the world.  You're the greatest singer-performer that your fans ever had.  They love you, and I love you.

Yours truly,
Claudia Grix


- I have been a Neil fan since the late seventies and eighty percent of the music I hear is Neils.  He is one of the two gurus I worship in this world, the other one being David Coperfield, the magician.  Being a singer myself [not by profession] I had no difficulty in singing in the absolute style of Neil, in fact because of my connection to him, it took me only a short time and I realised I could do it very much like him.  I have some songs of Neil on a karaoke DVD and I love singing them in his style, either when I'm alone or when my friends want me to.  I wonder if I'm lucky enough to meet Neil one day.....I dream at night sometimes that I did meet him.  Once I dreamt I went to his house in Beverly Hills.  I have all his cd's either in my car or at home, I just listen to him always.



- I'm 71 years young and totally enjoy Neil Diamond and his wonderful talents.

Jim Mathews
Pasco, Wa.


- The music of Neil Diamond continues to help me through some very difficult times in my life.  I am now alone as my husband died two and half years ago, and listening to Neil's CDs and playing the videos really makes me feel relaxed.  The music helps me when driving to work in the rush hour, and also it calms me down late at night.  I have not yet been to any of his concerts but I would love to do that if he ever visits England or Ireland again.

I sincerely hope he will continue to made beautiful music for many years to come.

With grateful thanks,
Angela Daly


- Neil and his music represent many milestones in my life, I may forget from time to time but any play of his music puts me on the ride back past one memory, then another.

Bill Stevenson


- I have seen Neil in concert every time he has played in the New Orleans area.  I have every CD.  I have loved his music since the 60's.  I remember seeing him as a warm-up act, he came out and sang Solitary Man.  I was hooked from that momment on.

I have introduced Neil's music to so many friends.  My mother swears that if I don't respond to a Neil song I must be gravely ill.  I even have my ten year old nephrew listening to Neil instead of the rap trash of today.  Neil's music is a look into your soul.

Jo Ann
New Orleans, La


- To Neil Diamond:

I grew up with you and during my most troubling times, you were there to help me through and see the light of hope and get my act together.  I listened to your music but more importantly I heard your words.  Those words were special.

I was fortunate to attend your concert here in Seattle.  I wasn't the only one singing along with you and cheering, you sing everyone's favorite, but I did have many tears in my eyes realizing all the things I have gone through.  The concert and great and you performed magnificently.

One wish that I have is when I leave this earth, I want to be buried with my copies of your Cd's and the Jazz Singer.  I hope I can enter my next life with your music in my soul. I thank you for the wonderful music, your energy, and your distinctive voice.  May your music continue for an eternity.

With much passion in my heart,

Jerry Fujita


- I have recently purchased STAGES and Neil Diamond Live DVD and have found them to be most enjoyable.  I play these CDs continually in my car.  I have also bought Under a Tennessee Moon Video and that is also superb.

Many thanks for such wonderful entertainment.

Angela Daly


- I really love your music. Just ordered your CD`s stages off QVC.

Bye Bye Good Luck.

Jennie Stock


- Neil, You have been a part of my life since the 60's. You continue to amaze me with your wonderful songs.  These are songs we fell in love listening to, we play on our anniversaries and love to hear each and every day.  You will continue to be a large part of my life forever.  Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing you again when you perform in the Seattle area.

An adoring fan,

Linnea Steinmetz
Buckley, Wa 98321


- Dear Mr. Diamond

I love your music a lot, but the song I love the most is SONG SUNG BLUE with Henry Winkler.  Somehow I lost the song, so I need to get another copy of it.

Keep up the good work!

Mark Baran


- I am 46 years old and I have loved Neil Diamond ever since I was a teenager and I will continue to love him and listen to his music for as long as I am alive.  I have never been to one of his concerts but I still hold on to the hope that some day he will be in concert nearby.  I misplaced one of my Neil Diamond CDs one time and I went crazy looking for it until I found it.  I finally found it in the wrong CD jacket.  That made me realize how much those CDs mean to me.  Thanks for your wonderful music!

Minnie B.


- I have been a Neil Diamond fan since his first record was recorded.  He has a very unique style.  I believe I have every song he ever sang.  He is the best.  I just wish he would come out with a Gospel CD.  I know he could do a great job with these type of songs.  We live in Lake Wales, Florida one hour away from Orlando.  We are praying Neil would come this way to do a concert.

God Bless You.

Mrs. Mary Lunsford


- I have been a Neil fan since the late sixties, but it wasn`t until the mid seventies that I was able to attend a live concert.  That is when I became a raving maniac Neil fan.  I know that Neil remembers the "old days" at Pine Knob in Auburn Hills, MI.  I have been to every concert he has held in our town.  I have stood in line for hours in the rain and cold to secure concert tickets. 

I don`t think that you can explain Neil mania to anyone.  You either feel it or you don't.  Those of us who do feel it, are blessed with love for one of the greatest entertainers of all time.  It has been interesting being part of the old fan base and watching how we have all aged over the years.  However, I know that Neil spans the generations and has fans of all ages.  He has magic.




- I have been a fan for as long as I can remember.  My children grew up loving Neil Diamond because Mommy did, now my grandchildren love him.  What more needs to be said?  Neil is a man who has something to be passed down like a special recipe.

Kathy Tompkins


- Neil, you have been a part of my life since I was 10 years old.  I am now 47.  Your music has brought tears, joy and just pure enjoyment all this time.  My husband and I have been married for 26 years and we can really relate to many of your songs.  I try to keep up with your life as best I can and you are right, I feel like I know you just from your music.

I am so excited to have your new box set of CD's.  It is wonderful.  We saw you in Kansas City in concert in Dec. of 2002.  You are still a dynamic performer.  You can sing as well or better than you could in your younger days and you are still VERY handsome!  I look forward to some new material and a new CD or video.  I saw you on Larry King Live and you did a very good job considering interviews are not your cup of tea!  I think you could see from the fans that called in how you impact all our lives.  Don't stop, we need you!

God bless you and your family with long life, health and happiness.

Debbie Breitenstein
Kansas City, MO


- I love to listen to Neil Diamond.  I play him all the time, every song on the CD's are wonderful.  Most CD's only have one or two songs that you like, but not Neil Diamond CD's, you play the next one just as long as the last one.  I drove from SLC, UT to Atlanta, GA -- 27.5 hours, no joking I listened to Neil all the way.

My dream is to one day meet him.  In the mean time I'm waiting for tour dates.  I would not miss it for anything.  The last concert I went to was in TN at the Pyramid.  I was there 3 hours early hoping to get a glimpse of Neil.  He puts on the best show of all time.

Big fan in Atlanta GA,

Jeff Nielson


- Hello

I am a great fan of Neil since I was 14 years old.  Now I am 47 and he still moves me with his music as when I was 14.  I send him presents for his birthday, like cookies and coffee, all the way from the Netherlands.

He helped me without knowing when my father passed away.  When I was sad or lonely I listened to his music.  I would cry more, but it helped, and I thank him for that.

Thank you Neil for your beatiful music, have a very long and healthy life, and please please next time, come to Holland.

With love,

Jolanda Schnitzler
The Netherlands


- Hi, my name is Katie, I'm living in Lubbock Texas right now, and I've been a fan of Neil's for a very long time.  He is the most profound composer of lyrics and music that I have ever experienced.  He's been singing me to sleep for years.  His lyrics just grab hold of your soul and they don't let go!  My favorite song by him is I Am I Said.  The first time I heard it I wasn't listening to the lyrics nery well and I didn't like it, but then I listened to the lyrics and cried.  I cried when he sang it here in Lubbock last December.

He is and will always be God's gift to America.



- I am so excited to be able to express my feelings about Neil.  I, too, have been a fan for many, many years.  While I'm not so good with words, I can at least say this----when I talk with other Diamondheads, listen to Neil's music or attend a concert, I know then I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would love to get in touch with others who feel the same.

Lani Harper


- I have been a fan of Neil Diamond forever.  Or at least for 30 years.  I had the great experience of going to his concert in New Orleans with my middle daughter, who loved it.  We were in awe of him.  A performer of such magnitude, he relates overwhelmingly to the crowd.  He is wonderful, beautiful, and a very unusual person with the ability of creating music that touches the soul.  All my girls and grandchildren love his music.

To the world's best writer, songwriter and musician, Thank You!  Thanks for the memories.

Maura Luke


- Neil Diamond's songs are like the soundtrack to my life.  I listen to I Am... I Said every morning when I wake up, and probably listen to Sweet Caroline about 10 times a a row.  Right now I'm sporting the young Neil hair and the ladies love it, just like they love my hero and soulmate Neil.  Also I think Neil's music has the power to move people today just as it did in his youth, and I think that it's power of seduction over women is timeless.

What I'm trying to say is, thanks for the hookup Neil -- and I KNOW you're pickin' up what I'm throwin' down here bro.  I hope to catch you in concert soon but until then, keep on truckin'.

Your buddy,

Sully in College Station, TX


- I, as a very big ND fan, am very pleased to see a forum where like minded individuals can exchange comments and views on a subject that is obviously close to our hearts.  The most pleaseing thing is that as like minded individuals, one is not chained to the constraints of what is 'in' and what is 'out'.  We can simply share our heartfelt desire to be individual and exhibit our loyalty to something of our choosing rather than the pamperings of today's media pop culture.

Having seen the great man live in concert some 50 odd times, I can only marvel at the familiar faces that one sees at each of his shows.  I know some of these people travel even further than I do so it is gratifying to know that my chosen dedication is mirrored in others.

I would love to hear from other NDers to share their their feelings, expectations and experiences of life as a NDer.

Please feel free to contact me via my email address.

Love on the Rocks.



- Yes, I have been a big fan of yours since I was 5 years old!

I hope to be able to see you in concert again.  I loved you in The Jazz Singer, and everything you have done.

Tom in Boca Raton, FL


- I fell in love on August 5, 1999.  I had always loved the music, and Play Me was my favorite song forever.  But on that date my life changed.  I became a lover of Neil Diamond for the rest of my life.  I will always be a part of his life.

Love and light forever.

Jeanette Diamond


- I have been a Neil fan since 1967, when I first heard a song on the radio. I've been lucky to be able to see him many times in concert, and my very favorite song is still  I am, I said.

All I can say is "Thank you, Neil."



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