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Neil Diamond
- I first saw Neil in 1987 in Baton Rouge and it was my first concert ever.  You talk about being ruined after that!  Nobody can compare to Neil's showmanship, self-penned songs, or his distinctive voice.  From the time he opened the show with "Headed for the Future" until he finished with "Brother Love", I was astonished.

I have to admit that at the time of this first concert I was fourteen and really did not know much about Neil.  My mom rented "The Jazz Singer" and that is all the exposure I had to Neil's music.

Since the first show I went to see Neil again in 1993, twice in 1998, and again in 2002.  I was suppose to see Neil agin in 2005 in New Orleans and Biloxi but Hurricane Katrina spoiled those plans.  You are excellent Neil!  Please keep the music and concerts coming!

Branson Phoenix


Neil Diamond
- It was about 30 years ago when I fell in love with Neil Diamond.  I can remember wherever we went, someone would put on a record of his.  I developed cancer 23 years ago.  When I had to go to a biopsy, I was told to bring a tape of my favourite music.  Of course, it was Neil Diamond.  After my operation, I made a good recovery.

Thank you Neil, I'm still here today.  I've seen you several times live, but never enough.

Marilyn Marston-Leach


Neil Diamond
- Neil Diamond, what can I say!!!  I have been a diamondhead since 1969, I heard Sweet Caroline on the radio and from that moment on I have been hooked.  I have seen the Wonderful Neil many times; last one being at Woburn last year, what a show.  I was sitting in the front row and it was out of this world.

I love to talking with other people who like me think the Wonderful Neil is "the best thing since sliced bread".  I even named my son after Neil, it being his middle name, husband drew the line at having Neil for a christian name.

But, "can anybody out there hear me"?

Inverness in Scotland


Neil Diamond
- Hello Mr. Diamond,

My husband and I are very big fans of yours and have been for years.  We are listening to "Hot August Nights" as I type.  It's our favorite, and waiting to get it on DVD soon.

Thank You so very much, you have truly been blessed by God, when he gave you that beautiful ageless voice.

Terry and Donna


Neil Diamond
- I'm the same age as Neil and even though most of the tributes to him are from women I cannot miss this oppertunity to say as a guy that no other entertainer has ever had a greater impact on my mind than Neil.  His music is from the heart & is simply ageless.  Live forever my friend.

Western Australia

Neil Diamond
- Katrina took my Neil cd’s, took my house, took my concert.  I hope Neil will reschedule for New Orleans and bring back some music and joy to my home town and get us back on the road to recovery.  Fema and the corp of engineers aren’t.

Jo Ann


Neil Diamond
- When I went to see Neil Diamond for the first time in September of 2005, was so amazed at how good of a singer he is.  No one believes I had never been to a concert before being in my 60’s. I felt like I was a teen all over again and if he comes back to Seattle again I’m certainly going to go see him again.  I sit at work every day and listen to his music, which I can’t get enough of.  I love Neil very much as a singer……



Neil Diamond
- I have been a Neil Diamond fan for many many years.  When my child was born, a son in 1976, I named him Neil after who else but Neil Diamond.  I love lots of music and musicians; but none touch me the way Neil's do.  I think the passion he displays while singing is unique only to him.

I was lucky enough to get to one of his concerts in San Francisco in the mid 80's.  I sure hope to get to another one in 2006.

I have just about every album he has put out and just cannot get enough of his music.

Thank you Neil for your beautiful music and for beautiful you.

Debbie Victorino
Chico, CA


Neil Diamond
- Oh my goodness, Neil you're the best out there, always have been, always will.  I have been a fan for many many years, even though I like all various kinds of music I have never left your wonderful music behind.  You are a very passionate, caring person and it comes through in your songs loud and clear.  Your songs can make people laugh, cry, dance, and think.  I have not yet had the pleasure of going to one of your concerts but I hope to be able to stand with all your other fans, cheering you on while singing along.

May God continue to bless you and keep you safe during your travels.

~Love your devoted fan ...Paula


Neil Diamond
- My husband and I have been Neil's biggest fans since 1973.  We saw his first concert in 1986 in Ft. Worth, Tx.  My husband, Wes. is 5 days older than Neil.  He says "He" is my Neil Diamond..ha ha

My friends, Kay and Karron, and I just saw Neil last Friday night in Dallas,Tx.  I have to say his show was THE BEST!!! The Jonanthan Livingston Seagull medley was breath taking !!! And his solo guitar songs were beautiful, just as good as his piano solo during his last tour!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for the FOND fan club.  It helps me to be more connected to NEIL DIAMOND.

Neil, my friend and I met a good friend of yours.  She was a room mate of your former wife's sister.  The lady spoke so nice of you!! She said you were the nicest most humble person.  She also said your mother was very very sweet!!

Thanks for listening!!!!

Pat of near Lubbock, Tx.

Please come back to Lubbock, Tx.!!!!!!!!!!


Neil Diamond
- My Mom is 85 years old and in a nursing home in Nashville, TN.  She is a long time Neil Diamond fan and I have taken her to see him in concert before in Nashville, and I am coming in from Maryland and taking her to see him in Nashville on October 17.  She has many of his CDs and his music keeps her going.  She sings or says the verses to his songs.  I have to thank him for giving something for my Mom to look forward to.

Does any one know any way I can send a message to Neil Diamond to request he sing a particular song the night of the Nashville concert?  It would mean so much to her.  She is in a wheelchair and she told me that when he comes out on stage, “You are going to have to help me stand up”.

She is such a Diamond fan and I am looking forward to seeing the light in her eyes again.

Thank you,
Debbie Perry


Neil Diamond
- Yeah, Mr. Diamond, what can I say?

There's no singer/songwriter greater than you are and there never will be in this lifetime.  O, man, I love your voice and music.  Your performance on stage.  I will never be able to attend your shows, fact is - I live in South Africa, but got your DVD's and CD's to look and listen to.  I cannot get enough of your music.  It moves my soul!

It amazes me that one man can be so talented.  What a great gift from God!  Not only does your music move me but also the way you live your life.  Even on your DVD's I can see through your performances that you are at peace with yourself and also that you reflect the joy of the Lord within you.

Louwdene Swart
Cape Town
South Africa


Neil Diamond
- Thank you for such a wonderful concert Neil.. It takes a lot of preplanning for us to get away and this was my hubbys first time to see you.. He is in awe ;) and now understands why I get this dreamy look doing dishes if your dvd is in and going in the background.  I also appreciate the niceness of your concerts.  Too many musicians etc. think they have to talk like rough steveadore's to get folks to listen.. Not You!!..

Well my fourth concert is now behind me.. looking forward to the next.. Thank You for adding more happiness in my life..

Karen Schaffer
Karen at Ocean Aire


Neil Diamond
- I have been A Fan of Neil for a long time.  He is the greatest singer songwriter of all time.  I have seen him 11 times in person and each time is a new and wonderful experience.   I love all of his music.  I like to hear his music at home whether I am doing work or just sitting listining.   His music speakes about many things, I love the words to his songs.   I am his fan forever.


Ruvaine Patricia Peterson


Neil Diamond
- Dear Neil:

I Have been listening to your music for years,I think you are a good singer and songwriter.  I like all your songs.

Diana Simmons


Neil Diamond
- wwwwoooonnnnddddeeeerrrrffffuuuullll !!!

Suzy Adams


Neil Diamond
- To a Good Guy who sings so well we think he is the Greatest!

Beth AND Dan


Neil Diamond
- I have been a Neil Diamond Fan for Years!!!  I have been to 9 concerts and he is coming to LA again, and I get more and more excited every time I know he will be here!!!  I was hoping to get the front row and get to be the lucky gal who gets to looks in his eyes as he sings!!!  Every single one of his concerts were awesome!!!

I listen to his music nite and day and I have my office decorated with all Neil Diamond: figurines, framed records, frogs, wine bottles with his picture, clocks etc.  I call it my Neil Diamond room.  I am not obessed just a loyal fan!!! I especially like the fact that Niel Diamond is very humble and sincere in everything he talks about and sings!!

Thank you Neil for all the good years!!!

Melody in Redlands California


Neil Diamond
- I was fortunate enough to see Neil Diamond twice in one week in concert.  He even kissed my wife at the stage door after the concert!  He is the only singer that brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to him.  Neil Diamond will live in my heart forever.

Jim Palasty


Neil Diamond
- I have adored Neil Diamond since I was a little girl.  The first song I ever listened to was Sweet Caroline.  I've loved Neil Diamond for over twenty years, I have all of his music and when I feel depressed I play I Am... I Said.  It seems to me that the song was written for me... Like Neil, I was born in New York and moved away with New York in my heart.  I promised myself that before Neil stops going on tour I have to see him in person.  Every January on his birthday I have my own party for Neil.  My web name has diamond in it and it came to me because I was listening to Neil Diamond singing and I needed a name... so this is my tale of how I love and adore Neil Diamond and will continue to listen to his music for as long as there is a breathe in me.  Sing on Neil.

Cathy Costello


Neil Diamond
- I have been a Diamond "hunter" since the early '70s.  It is so sad that he will not be in Indiana for the 2005 Tour.  I'm wondering why he does not stop in Indianapolis.

I'm like all the true fans.  Once you've gone you can never come back to anything else!  I have noticed that when I introduce his music to someone new, they soon become a "follower".  My husband, son (28 now) and now my grandaughter!

Diamond's are forever!



Neil Diamond
- Dear Neil,

All my dreams came true on 7th March 2005, when I was actually seeing you at Westpac Stadium in Christchurch.  We travelled 400 miles to go to your show.  It was fantastic, you were wonderful, chills up my spine after all these years of playing your L.P's, then tapes, C.D's, to see you for real was just the best Birthday present I could ever have wished for.

You looked great, sang like a wonderful guy you are & I only wished I could have been able to take you home.  Congratulations on a Wonderful show, making me a very happy widow, just being your natural self was such a Godsend.

Keep on keeping on, God Bless & Thank You so Much for a wonderful evening I shall never forget.

Lots of Love,

Ellen Dodd,
Martha xxxxxxxx


Neil Diamond
- Neil 'music messiah' Diamond.

Recently attended Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia,{down under] March 28th 2005. I, for a very long time have never doubted the quality, devotion and sincerity you possess to project one's inner-most feellings across to a 'captive' audience.

The 'music' era of the 'EVERLY BROTHERS', RICKY NELSON and others alike, have along with youself never failed to dampen the spirits of a huge 'following' of dedicated people. Young and Elderly, it proves that you are an "entertainer' for all.

Australia has a very strong "love" for you.  Adopt you,  Hell no,  make you a "dinkum assie".

Would'nt that be great.  Our music Industry would be in rapture.  It would be nice to be able to turn back in time some of the music 'elements.

As a 'Elderly' follower, please keep us entertained for many years to come.  Ticket prices have allowed us to see your concerts.

'Assie down under'

Eddie, 65 years 'young'


Neil Diamond
- Hello Neil Diamond, Hello my friend,

My name is Talyka and I'm living in The Hague, Holland for about 11 years now.  I'm 52 and I was born in Angola, Africa.  Neil came in to my life in 1969.  Since then, he has been my faithful companion through out the good and the bad times.  In 1974, one year after the birth of my son Nuno, a civil war broke and in 1976 we fled to Portugal leaving everything behind.  The only things I could save from the terrorists' plundering were my photo albums and my precious records.  Those 25 years in Angola were the best years of my life.  I had a wonderful and happy childhood, played volleybal, danced very well, had 8 horses and was a pretty good "cowgirl" and my beloved Neil Diamond travelled along with me from Angola to Lisbon.

Then, in 1978, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Patricia who was born deaf and blind and..... well, to make a long story short, because there were no schools for her in Portugal, I started looking for them abroad and in 1985, ended up in Holland were I found the best school ever. She lives on this Institute for 20 years now and with the proper education together with a lot of love and dedication from such special people who work with her, she became a rather independent girl and a very special 26 years old woman.

In 1994 I decided to move to Holland since my daughter needed me so much and had to leave my son behind in Lisbon with his father. A very tough choice for me having to choose between my two children but I did what my heart told me to. So, once again, I had to start a new life, but this time, all by myself and suffering from a severe Arthritis. Once again, Neil travelled along with me from Lisbon to Holland.

Therefore, in these last troubled 36 years of my life, Neil kept being my best friend and companion but, unfortunately, I never had the pleasure to see him live in concert since he never went on tour either to Africa or to Portugal. When I heard that he came every now and then to Holland I promised myself I would never miss him. Well, in 1999 he came to Holland and gave a concert in Rotterdam (16 kilometers from The Hague where I live) but unfortunately, I was lying in the hospital for another operation and had to miss him. I felt so miserable!! For the first time in my life he was so close to me (alive and kicking) and yet, I just had to "feel" him from afar!!!!
Talyka - NetherlandsAnyway, life goes on because I NEVER CARED FOR THE SOUND OF BEING ALONE…..AND WHEN I HURT, HURTIN' RUNS OFF MY SHOULDERS AND HOW CAN I HURT WHEN NEIL IS WITH MEEE!!!!! Four years ago I had to stop working because of my arthritis and now I can't live without a wheelchair.

Neil, thank you so much for your amazing "sweet/emotional/beautiful noises" and for touching my heart and soul the way you do.

Forever in blue jeans,

Your devoted African/Portuguese/Dutch fan,

Talyka Sobral Pita,
The Hague - Netherlands


Neil Diamond
- Hello Neil

Thanks for all the music, it really is magic.  I will be seeing you again in Glasgow in June with some friends who haven't been to any of your concerts before so Im sure they will be as overjoyed as I know I always am.  You really are a special person.  Once again thank you for the music.

Guernsey Channel Isles


Neil Diamond
- Hi Neil

There is a house in Western Australia they called the house of ND bashing.  There is always ND music playing loudly or softly on weekends.  Friends have all come to love you through the admiration of a lone man called Doug.  By loving your music and songs he has spread the love of ND music to his wife, children, in-laws, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, cousins, co-workers and the latest addition, his grandson.

We feel so personally touched when you spoke of grandparents and the young ones that the parents make the move to America for - in our case Australia.

The song I remembered most in 1976 was Beautiful Noise as I made Australia home in Newman.  Since then every concert I have attended Beautiful Noise is my song from you.  You have not let down - by singing it at every concert.

Now what I would like is a DVD of your performance in Perth 2005.  That would be the icing on my 50th birthday cake.

Cherishing the Diamond forever.



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