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- I was fortunate enough to see Neil in concert last night here in Rochester, New York. I am already looking forward to seeing him again. All the fans seemed to bond, we were all there for one reason and the respect among Neil fans is just awesome.

Neil has a song for every part of my life. The meanings, the words, the way he presents his art on stage is just amazing. There is a Neil Diamond song for every feeling that exists. His talent is mind-boggling.

I am truly a Diamondhead.

Dorothy Bianchi


- Dear Neil Diamond,

I have always been a fan of yours since I heard Sweet Caroline. I love your songs, you put your heart into them, your feelings, & inspiration into them. I also think you are a sexy man, you look great in all your concerts & talk shows you have been on that I have seen on TV. You have been to Grand Rapids, Michigan twice at the Van Andel, I have missed both of your shows due to working or not having the funds to go, I have some of your Albums, CD'S, I just bought your Christmas CD. I love it, it puts me in a relaxing mood, and also with the right person a romantic mood. One of these times I will get down to see you sing. Back when I was a teenager, you were one of the new Heart Thrubs in the Music at the time, and very much you are more so today.

Sincerely yours,
Melody Huedepohl


- I have liked Neil Diamond's music for many years and had my first concert experience on December 12, 1999 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea what I had been missing.

Neil was fantastic.




- Neil, I will see you tonight at the arena in Wilkes Barre, Pa.... You are officially opening the new arena....  Can't get any better than that....  Play the music and let's party....  We can feel the Neil in the air....



- I have been a Neil Diamond fan for 30+ years. I was one of the lucky ones that had a ticket for the Dec. 8th, 1999 concert in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was one of the BEST concerts that I have ever attended. As Neil went through the different styles of music he also seem to adjust with the times.  His new album, "The Movie Album" is the greatest. His style of music is for fans from 1-92.

Thanks Neil for giviing us the joy of your music.

Mildred Freeman


- Neil and Band,

Attended your concert in Indianapolis last night in the new Conseco Fieldhouse. It was wonderful! Had never been to one of your concerts before, but have always listened to and loved your music. It really brought back memories of my late teen and early twenties. (Isn't it great to be in your fifties and have seen all of the different music????)

Hope to see you again in Indy next year for your 32nd concert.



- I have been a devoted fan for close to 30yrs. My stereo cabinet is bursting with records and CD's, also any video I can lay my hands on. The only cassettes in my car are of N.D. I have been to every concert tour in my home state of Queensland, Australia, and anxiously await for further tours. Your music fills me with so much emotion. You are the best singer-songwriter of this millenium. My most wished for thing is to one day meet you or at least get front row seats to one of your concerts.

Keep the music coming, you are the greatest!!!!!!



- I was under his spell when I first saw him in 1965 singing " You Got To Me". I was 14 years old. I've saw him about 8 times and it just keeps getting better. Now, whenever my husband hears about Neil coming even close to our area, he'll tell me to go get tickets.

Neil, we love you !



- How does one ever express how the music and performances of Neil Niamond impact a life. For me in the 60's and 70's I just couldn't be bothered with Neil Diamond even though many friends begged me to go to one of his concerts. Yes, I heard his music on the radio and do remember a few of his early songs, "Solitary Man" "Forever In Blue Jeans" "Song Sung Blue" but guess I was just too caught up in my own life to pay much attention.

This began to change when I worked for a man who's wife was wild about Neil and his music and she kept insisting I had to like his music and should go see him. She brought me a copy of HAN II and told me to take it home, listen to it and then come tell her I didn't like Neil Diamond and his music. After listening to HAN II, I had to admit that a lot of his music and charisma 'got to my soul.' I began to buy his tapes and even buy some of his earlier recordings. Then my world fell in.

I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in '91 and was devastated. I was in my early 50's and had no intention of leaving this world but just could not seem to shake the depth of depression I found myself in. A good friend brought me Neil's music "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and said 'here, listen to this.' That music became a part of me on first hearing and has been with me ever since. I gained the courage and strength to fight my illness -- that music played in the operating room, recovery room, hospital room and still plays whenever I feel a need to look inward and gain strength.

After that experience, I longed to see Neil in concert and had that opportunity in March '93 and ever since then attend his concerts frequently. This man and his music touch every fiber of my inner being and will be a part of me forever. His contributions to the music industry of this century are largely unrecognized except by the legions of people who truly know how meaningful, articulate, and how deep his music truly is. There are so many people around the world who cannot say a big enough 'thank you' to this man for his beautiful and inspiring music.

Neil is the Irving Berlin of this century and I truly believe his music will live years beyond anyone here on this earth today.


Doran Tate
Administrative Secretary
LVJM Coliseum
Winston-Salem, NC


- Neil you are part of my past that gives me joy in remembering my youth which was far from idyllic, but dreaming is freeing for a teen. Though I'm 40ish with nearly grown children (though they hate to admit it) I still get that 15 year-old feeling when I listen to your music and love it still.

You've added to our lives in music.

Thanks for giving ... even though you're a private man you let us in to get a glimpse of your soul.

Thanks for sharing,



- I am one of your devoted fans and always will be. I first heard your music in the 60's -- my brother was singing Sweet Caroline when he was drunk! I will never forget the first time I heard You singing. From that day I was hooked. One of my life's ambitions was to see you in concert. I finally achieved this in March 1999 at the NEC in Birmingham, England. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I shall cherish it always.

I do hope you come to England again soon.

From June


- Early morning 10/24/99

- Well, Mr. Neil Diamond...

- Here I find that I am one of many...that indeed, I am I said a Diamondhead! What a great delight it is for me to hear these people who have met you speak of what a good and decent man you are. The Heart and Soul of It never leaves me. You are the Brightest Star.



- "How great to have heard and known this man
of such great talent"

Darren Naath


- A Prayer for Neil

I said a prayer for you today and I know God must have heard.
I felt the answer in my heart, although he spoke no words.

I didn't ask for wealth or fame; I knew you woudn't mind.
I asked him to send you treasures of a far more lasting kind.

I asked that he be near you at the start of each new day
to grant you health and blessings with friends to share the way.

I asked for happiness for you in all things great and small, but
it was for his loving care, that I prayed for most of all........

Thank you Neil for all the pleasure you have given us over these years and may all your dreams come true.........

Diamond Fan 1 (Arlene)


- I am a twentyone year old Indian and am a Big fan of Neil Diamond since I can remember. Having been born in a family of music lovers I have had the privilege of listening to all kinds of music but I have been touched most deeply by ND's music. As a child it was his peppy songs which I liked but as I have grown I have come to appreciate all of his songs. Most of his songs, in fact all of his songs are full of meaning. People all around me were falling for girl bands, boy bands etc, but my faith in his songs has never faded. Yes I like other singers but ND is and will be my favorite.

My dream is to watch him perform live and to meet him in person.



- I think the main reason I am a Neil Fan is because he puts his heart and soul into his music. My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Neil in Dayton, Ohio during the Tenn. Moon tour. The person you see on stage is the person off stage, a caring and considerate person, who loves his fans.

T. R. Lane


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