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- I am a fan of Neil, his music can take me to places and times, whenever I want, and wherever I want to go... just by listening to him. He rests my soul, he makes a sad day sunny, all his songs work for me and sometimes I think he's written them only for me. It seems as he's the only person who really knows me.

I love you Neil

always, Ellen


- This is a wonderful place to visit. The people who write are expressing the same thoughts and feelings I have for Neil and his music, and the accompanying photos are great too.

I've been a fan of Neil's since 1966. My kids were raised on his music and appreciate his passion, giftedness, hard work, and ability to convey love, whether on recordings or in concert. I am happy to know that even teens today are discovering and appreciating Neil.

I have two passions in life: Neil Diamond and Doberman Pinschers. I blended the two to form the name Diamondob for my e-mail address. My present Doberman is named Rivvy. Anyone who has seen the Jazz Singer will make the connection.

Neil's words, music and the sound of his voice keep my spirit aloft. Those who have written here have mentioned a connection of the soul with Neil. I suspect all devoted Diamondheads feel that sense of connectedness with him. I feel he is a soulmate, even though he isn't aware I exist or how many times I've been in the same room with him at his concerts.

I have albums so worn they are no longer playable. His is literally the only music I listen to. I suppose many people would consider this a very limited appreciation of music, but there is no other that reaches the depths of my mind, heart or soul as his does. Neil's songs cover the whole range of human emotion and experience. He brings me joy and hope, the presence of someone who has felt what I've felt, and, in a way I can't explain, even less afraid of dying. I truly hope Neil knows what he has given and continues to give to so many people throughout the world. I hope he knows and believes he is loved and appreciated for who he is and for having shared himself with us for so many years.

I'll certainly return to this place where Neil lives in his fans so I can read more from those who are dedicated to him. I feel a connectedness to these people too. God bless you all.



- Neil will always be loved, by all age groups, I proved that when I played some of the tracks from 'Hot August Night' to my young daughter and her friend recently, their reaction was amazing. I think it is because Neil has produced such beautiful songs, which come from the heart. They will last forever.



- Neil we have been fortunate enough to get tickets for five of your concerts Down Under here in New Zealand. Your music has filled our house for as long as I can remember, and will continue to do so for years to come. Our kids have grown up on Diamond music, and love it as we do. Your shows in New Zealand were absolutely amazing, the fans down here just love you! Please come back soon - you said you would, and we're all just hanging out for another chance to see you - you are a true inspiration to us all.


New Zealand


- Neil,

I saw you last year at the MEN arena in England and what a beautiful noise! I can't get enough of your music and have even started learning guitar.

The Greatest Hits Album combines all my favourites, including "I Am...I Said" and "Heartlight."

To one of the last great entertainers, keep it coming.

Peter Cawley


- I have been a fan of Neil Diamond since the late 60's.. Cracklin'Rose, I AM, I SAID, became a part of my soul so long ago that I have to search for them at times.

When he went a 'little' bit country with "TENNESSEE MOON" he really struck a a chord in me as my most favorite music of all is Country music, but if I had to name performers that have grown into my soul it would be this multi-talented man. His movie, "THE JAZZ SINGER" made me see a side of Neil Diamond that I did not know existed. HE is also a good ACTOR.

I have loved him since I was very young, and still, and he always will be a member of my soul. I love his music. I became disabled in the year of 1991 and I can listen to him, and he soothes the beast in me that makes me hurt so much. I soon will be 48 years old in June, 2000 and with my birthday comes the celebration of life that he is still around to listen to and enjoy. I thank GOD for that one thing.

No words can ever be put down anywhere that describes this wonderful man. I had ONE opportunity to visit him in Atlanta. We had back stage passes and were going, but something unexpected came up and we did not get to go, which deeply saddened me. I've always wanted to see him in concert. I hope one day before I close my eyes to death that this wish/dream will come true for me. The other couple came home all excited to say that they had shook his hand and he was just as cordial behind the scenes as he was to the public he performed in front of.

The only word that comes to my mind right now is LOVE to express to this great man.. HE is WONDERFUL and I hope that he continues on with his music forever. Even when people made fun of his TENNESSEE MOON, and said that he should retire. NO, that voice will never retire until GOD/DEATH closes his soul forever. Then we will all have sweet memories of him to still think of as he leaves behind him a legacy of songs/ albums/ whatever.. HE is just the most wonderful permformer that I have ever heard sing and I've been told that once you see him in concert that just listening to his songs are no longer good enough, you just continue on in life hoping that one day you shall meet again.

I do so hope that he will return to Atlanta and that I may see him and oh the opportunity to meet him would certainly be a reflection of GOD..

These are my words and if I could I'd steal him away from the roaring crowds and have him all to myself. HE IS A GOOD MAN as well as an even greater PERFORMER.


With much love for Neil Diamond, I remain an avid fan and lover of his music. I sign my true and real name as I am not ashamed of what I said, neither afraid..

Nancy Still


- Hi

Neil Diamond's music is the greatest. I could listen to it all the time and never get tired of it.

Jan H.


- Hi, my name is David Hugaert. I am 34 years old, and began listening to Neil Diamond's music when I was 14. The very first song I heard was Sweet Caroline some years before, but the song that got my attention was September Morn. what an uplifting voice Mr. Diamond has! I got hooked on all his songs thereafter. Years later, I bought most of his albums on CD. I would like to say thanks, Neil, for warming my heart and soul with your lovely music. God bless you!

A Diamondhead Forever,

David Hugaert


- Neil Diamond touches us in a part of our soul. We try to explain, yet there are no words that suffice. We are all one, Neil is a part of all of us and in some way we are a part of him. Many people have wandered through my life, but the one constant is the music of Neil Diamond. I have had the pleasure to meet him and it was a dream come true. Neil, may all your dreams come true!

Much love,



- There is no other and never will be. I love him madly and his music is next to none. He and Elvis are the only two that I am nuts about. Neil has more sex appeal than should ever be allowed, he gives me goosebumps! Keep up the good work.

I love him with all my heart.

Mary Lou


- Since 1968, I've listened to and loved Neil's Music & Words. For my own reasons, it has touched me very personally. His lyrics always bring back favored memories as though it were then. I've seen many of Neil's concerts whenever possible. He never ceases to amaze me with the stunning performances. I will never tire of his music as long as he continues to write from his soul as he has so many times. I also enjoy remakes of other songs that he performs, but prefer his own compositions. I hope he will continue to create. You've spoiled us Neil!

Anita Weber


- I too, have been a huge fan for many years. Ever since I bought my first Neil single way back in 1970. I had to wait 7 long years to see my idol in concert...Paladium 25 June 1977. Were you there?. One of, if not the, most memorable moments of my entire life went from great to greater still. Would you believe I actually met the great man on that very special night. A night I have replayed in my mind for nearly every single day since. I have actually lost count of the concerts I have been too but I swear he recognises me in the front row. (We can all hope can't we??)You may have seen one of the banners that I sometimes smuggle into the concert hall. Amongst them were,

-BACK TO WEMB LA.........etc etc etc.....

-Does anyone out there remember seeing me with any of these banners or my home made Diamondesque glittery shirts?

Hope so!!

Paul Payne


- My wife and I first saw Neil Diamond in Thibodaux, LA at Nicholls State University in 1968. Since then we have seen him perform more than 20 times. We have slept out in line on several occasions waiting for tickets. It was always worth the wait. We have never been disappointed. His words and music have always touched our hearts. Neil is the greatest.

Raymond and Fran


- I have been heard the last CD (for me), called IN MY LIFETIME, and I say for me because here in Spain was not sold. But through a girlfriend that I have in New York I have gotten this set 3 CD's, and it is marvelous, superlative, and I have to give thank you to Neil, becauso really NEIL is the besto of the better. His music wraps to me, sheltered to me, it does to me to feel very well. It is a pity that Spain Fans not could have this set, because they are losing some big and good something.

Please NEIL say to your Discographic House that they could sell here in Spain, I know that here in Spain we are few fans, but we are feeling your music equal or more than your fans of USA, therefore they have to NEIL at home and we have to NEIL very far, but very near in our hearts.

God blesses to Neil and his music, and I say thank you very much for your two songs in Spanish words, CANTA LIBRE and CARMELITA'S EYES.

Thank you NEIL!

A Fan From Spain


- Neil I think you are great, I enjoy your singing very much. We saw you when you came to Edmonton Alberta.




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