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- I first saw Neil Diamond in concert on a hot August night at Forest Hills Stadium in Brooklyn, New York. I have seen him six more times since that magnificent night. It's hard to believe, but every single show has proven to be more powerful and spellbinding than the last.

His music paints phenomenal pictures from deep in my childhood. His poetry evokes feelings that I can't even begin to express. Thank you especially for "Soolaimon" and "Cracklin' Rosie". Thank you so much for all the rest.

Thank you, Neil Diamond, for being one of the most beautiful and most treasured parts of my life.


Andy L. in W. Spfd., MA


- I have been a Diamondhead for many years. My first concert was in the mid seventies and I have traveled to other states to see him as he does not always grace the state of Oregon with his presence. One of my aunts had Jonathan Livingston played at my uncles funeral in place of any organ music. That was so calming and you left feeling that things were OK. My favorite all time has to be FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS. It is the motto of my life. I can relate to it and to so many of his songs. My ten year old twins enjoy listening to him and my daughter had picked a few of his songs to perform to as she is a dancer.

Over the years I have been plagued with a health problem that was caused by a human being who wanted money and made it off of those of us who had his device placed in us. Fourteen surgeries later I still have more to go. My solace besides my God is listening to Neil prior to and as I enter the operating room and having his music play in recovery and in my room as I recover. He gives me such peace in all kinds of music. His voice is wonderful and the melodies are unforgettable. I have every album and many of them on CDs now. I have every program and many pictures. To meet him in person would be my dream come true. My husband is a country fan but goes to Neil's concerts with me as he also feels the music speaks to your soul from his soul. He does not even mind that I spend a lot of my time watching one of the best looking butts on a performer today.

God Bless you Neil Diamond. If you only realized how many lives you touch and how deep you touch peoples souls and hearts. You will live forever in my heart and in your music.

Denise in Terrebonne



- Neil Diamond and His Talent are Wonderfully God Made!  I love his Music. And I Respect the Heck Out of Him. :)



- I have been a fan since 1980, when a friend asked me to see a film with her. That film was The Jazz Singer. I bought that album first and then any of his other albums I could get my hands on. I love the passion in the songs, his voice sounds as if he is singing the songs just for you. I saw Neil in concert in London in 1984 he was fantastic, I have seen him 6 times since and he just seems to get better. Its hard to choose a favourite song but Hello Again and America have helped me through some bad times.

From CMG


- Neil,

I have been a lifelong fan of your music. I was raised on the haunting and beautiful melodies of your songs. Your music went everywhere with me as a child, in fact I believe I own all but your first three hard to find albums on the bang label.

In fourth grade, I attended my first concert, your Indianapolis show at Market Square Arena. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. Now, as I prepare to leave for college, my Neil Diamond collection will be going with me.

I want to thank you for being the greatest songwriter and performer of our time. No one on earth has such a mastery of language and music. Also, you're one of the only singers around who remain so dedicated to their fans. Mr. Diamond, you're the greatest. I can never thank you enough.

Thanks so much,

Joe Nield


- I have been a NEIL fan for 32 years!! His music has a way of getting into my blood- I call him my mood music- when I feel sad, he lifts me up & when I'm happy his music makes me happier!!

Both of my sons (13 & 9) have been raised on Neil's music & we have taken our oldest son to one of his Philly concerts for getting distinguished honors for the year just 4 years ago!!

This man is phenomenal!! I love all of his songs & I actually get chills when he sings certain notes!! It's something only another Diamondhead would understand. As a matter of fact, my cd player holds 61 cd's & only Neil is allowed in my player- which is something that my boys just don't understand!!

The man is a genius & there is only one NEIL!! His music has helped me through some rough spots by just keeping me sane. I would love to meet this truly great musician just to let him know what an impact his music has on me!!!  I love the way that I can immerse myself in his music & feel so good!!! Go Neil, you Rock and always will!! I love his songs so much & we actually have a 5yr old brindle boxer named Shilo- My sons chose it & of course I agreed!!!

Thanks for a 3 decades of your music -Keep going Neil!!!



- I have listened to and love to listen Neil Diamond since the early 70's after hearing Shilo. All his songs have such meaning to them. His voice puts me in a trance. I am able to close my eyes and feel his singing. There is not a single song he has sung that I do not like.

Thank you Neil for being you and touching my life with your singing.

Susan Faries


- The first N.D. song I heard was Brooklyn Roads. I was in the sixth grade. I didn't know who he was, but I related to the song and loved it! I heard the instrumental version of Holly Holy and my sister could play it on her piano. I loved that and could've listened to it all day, not even knowing it was a N.D. song!

As a teenager, it was hard trying to make everybody happy, so I played Song Sung Blue to myself all the time!!

I moved to Houston in 1972 and went to Bible College. I paid $10 for the Hot August Night tape and was chastised for buying worldly music, so I put $20 in Missionary Offering that same week!

It's not something I planned or that anyone plans. The music and the words affect you and you start admiring the man who writes the words and music. Then you become a fan. I would someday like to meet him. I don't believe that will happen, but I did meet his band and Linda at the Dallas airport and I told them how much I appreciate him and also his band for making great music.

Johnny McKay
Bryant, AR


- Hello, I've been a huge devoted fan of Neil Diamond since I was about two years old. My dad always played Neil's greatest hits when I was a baby. When I was five, I remember sitting down watching The Jazz Singer, and just fell in love with Neil Diamond ever since.

When Neil toured Australia in 1992, I was 9 years old. My dad took me to the ticket office to buy tickets. Unfortunately all of Neil's shows was completely sold out. I was so sad that day. My dad bought me the best thing that day after we had no luck with the tickets, he bought me my very first Neil Diamond cd which was Greatest Hits 1966-92 and the Greatest Hits Live video.

As I was growing up, my Neil Daimond cd collection grew stronger and my love for his music was growing stronger and stronger.

In 1996, I was 13 years old. Neil was touring Australia. My dad got me tickets straight away. My dream finally came true of seeing this great singer and songwriter in concert, in person. It was so hard believe. I remember staying up all night, counting down the days till I see him in concert.

On the night of the concert, when I arrived at the concert venue with my mum and dad, I could not believe how many fans of Neil Diamond there were. It was just so packed. When we got to our seats, the concert began. Lights dimmed lower and lower. Then sweet music began to play. I had chills up and down my spine. I just couldn't stop smiling. I was just waiting to see the man who such a impact on me. Finally the music went louder, and there he was, running onto the stage. I could not believe my eyes. Neil Diamond is here, in the same place as me, tears clouded my eyes. As I watched Neil's beautiful voice excited everyone, I was like in a wonderful dream world. The concert sadly ended, Neil left the stage, and people left. I was still sitting in my seat.

That night was one of the best nights of my entire life. Seeing my idol in person was just one of the greatest moments in my life. Now I have 35 cds, many videos and LPs. I still listen to Neil every single day. Without him I will never enjoy music, without his voice.

So to sum up, you can say that I am a Diamondhead, and I would always appreciate his music and support him in any way. He is a wonderful singer, and there is no one who can take over the king of music. Thank you for taking the time to read my lifetime story of Neil Diamond.



- In 1971, as a 3 year old I can remember being enchanted by "I am the Lion" on "Tap Root Manuscript". I'd play it over and over. And while nobody wants the years to go by any faster, I wish that on 24/8/72 I was about 20 and living in LA, instead of 4 years old and living in Adelaide. Anyway fast forward to 1976 and dad bought a copy of "Beautiful Noise" ... and it was. As I grew older I came to appreciate classics such as "Cherry, Cherry", "Sweet Caroline" and "I am...I said". Now at the age of 32 I own over 50 ND albums, CDs and cassettes. Each new one that gets released makes me feel like a kid at Christmas (I'm sure Neil won't be offended by the non-Jewish simile).

Neil's music has been such an integral part of my life and having seen the great man in concert twice (he doesn't come this way too often - certainly not often enough) I can say that I have experienced the closest thing to a religious experience that I believe is possible for an atheist to experience. For the bridal waltz at my wedding, we had "Hooked on the memory of you". My favourite shopping mall plays "Greatest hits 1966-1992" regularly so I just have to keep going there!

About 6 or 7 years ago I attended a "Neil Diamond tribute show" sung by a young guy named Patrick McMahon. As I closed my eyes, I could almost hear my mother, calling ... Sorry, got a bit carried away there. As I closed my eyes, I could swear that I was live at the original Hot August Night. I'll be forever grateful to Patrick for affording me the opportunity to experience the holy grail of live concerts 21 years later and 12000 kilometres away.

Everyone knows Neil's greatest hits, but I am a little disappointed that most people that are not Diamondheads have missed out on some of the real gems hidden away in his work. Songs such as "Love Burns" from "On the way to the sky", "Dry your eyes" (Beautiful Noise) or the brilliant "Can Anybody Hear Me" and the bittersweet, beautiful "Win the world" (both from "Tennessee Moon") demonstrate an emotional depth to Neil's work that I suspect some critics are unaware of. Then there's the sense of fun in "Lonely Lady No 17" and "Talking Optimist Blues". A genius at work.

I just have one more thing to say - "Thank You Neil. Long may the Frog King reign".

Adelaide, South Australia


- Neil you portray the true person you are. You enter the soul with your words and music. There is not one who can compare. You feel as though you enter your life through your words. You reach those who feel the music and live it. Keep up the good work. It is true music with real meaning..

Melissa Green
South Dakota


- I am a Neil Diamond fan (21 concerts) who uses Neil Diamond songs as themes for my teaching.  In the past these include:  "I Am I Said",  "Heartlight",  "Headed For The Future", and others.  What better way to teach children about their specialness and their responsibility to their fellowman?  I am the lady with the heart-lights at the concerts I have attended in N.C. and Va.  My classes have done a video for Neil in an effort to show just how much we love him in Washington, N.C.

When is he coming back to the concert stage????

Avis Wainwright


- I have been a lover of Neil and his music, since I first heard Cracklin Rosie. I was a young lad growing up in the UK, I'm now 42 and living in Sydney Australia.

The last six years of my life have been a roller coaster, including a marriage break up. But Neil's music has helped me through.

All I can say is thank you Neil for saving my life, just keep on keeping on, if you know what I mean.



- This is one beautiful website, and I have been a Neil Fan for -- well, since 1960 something. His deep introspection touched my soul years ago. His Moods album and his album with Yes I Can are my favourite. The songs reflect a soul searching depth that resonates within me.

Thanks Neil for your wonderful music. You are a gem in my heart. Keep up the good writing.




- Been a fan of Neil at least 25 yrs.

He's the greatest, hope to meet him someday.



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